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Print Crisp, Not Blurry

“Why are the images on my print job fuzzy and blurry?”

If your photos and other graphic are blurry or pixelated, chances are you are using images or art that is at a low resolution. For most print work, you want your images to be at least 300ppi. Many times images and art are pulled from the internet. They look great on screen, but do not print well because internet images are only at 72ppi (pixels per inch). 72ppi is fine for computer screens but less than ideal for print.

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Understanding PPI and DPI

Images are made up of pixels. Internet images are usually sized at 72ppi. Screen resolution is measured in PPI (pixels per inch) and print resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch), though the terms are often used interchangeably. In offset printing, pixels in images are translated into DPI (Dots Per Inch). The more pixels in an image, the more clear and sharp an image will print. Here are Cottrell, we request that you size your images at 300ppi/dpi for the best print resolution. You can go higher but it is not necessary. You will just increase file transfer and print rip times. We want your images and art looking sharp and beautiful.

Resizing Can Effect Resolution

Keep in mind that when you enlarge an image, you are also decreasing it’s resolution. A 300ppi/dpi enlarged 200% will now become 150ppi/dpi. Enlarging images too much will decrease you resolution. You will end up with fuzzy or pixelated images if you enlarge too much.

The Final Tip

Ensure all your images and art are at least 300ppi/dpi when you sent them to us here at Cottrell Printing. We want both you and your print work to look amazing!


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