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Cottrell + Bandimere = Speed!

Cottrell Printing employees took it to the race track at Bandimere Speedway in the Rocky Mountain foothills near Golden, CO on Thursday, September 6. After a short video orientation, everyone jumped into waiting Dodge race cars for a couple of practice runs down the race track at Thunder Mountain. Winning times depended not just on speed, but on how quick off the line one could be. With two drag runs under their belts, it was time for some healthy employee competition. Two cars raced up the drag track in heats until only on Cottrell employee was left standing. This year’s winner was 2nd-time champion, Jimmy Shiels. Congrats to Jimmy!

Cottrell Printing loves speed. And nothing makes us happier than turning around your print jobs in record time. We are happy to have Bandimere Speedway as one of our satisfied print customers. Give us a call anytime for the best (and quickest turns) in local family-owned printing.

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