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Collaboration & Integrity

We work seamlessly with some of the largest and most creative marketing departments, designers and brokers.  Their trust in our ethics and confidentiality has allowed Cottrell to win several awards in this community, year after year.  We also team up with our clients on graphic concept, redesign and branding methods to keep their marketing personal and relevant.  

We can work from almost any designer software, and are here to help.  For best results, we suggest the image resolution be at 300 dots per inch (DPI) at full file size, convert RGB files to CMYK, add 0.25 inch bleed, flatten transparency and outline the fonts. Supplying images and fonts is suggested.  Need additional help? Just give us a call.


Online Ordering


Online Ordering – Fast,

Personal and Relevant

  • Maintain your brand without micromanaging

  • 24/7 access

  • Secure, predetermined access controls

  • Reporting at your fingertips

Marketing your business needs to be fast, personal and relevant.  At Cottrell, we will create and help maintain an Online Ordering Storefront that will allow individuals within your organization to log-in 24/7 to personalize and order predetermined items, without time-consuming conversations with the marketing department and without jeopardizing brand integrity. By setting permissions, purchasing limits and access levels, by per-user basis, an Online Ordering Storefront will allow both freedom and confidence in ordering, managing and garnishing reports that benefit almost any business in any industry. 

Integrated Marketing – Continue Your Conversation 

  • Add a unique call to action

  • Join web and mobile to your print

  • Better track response rates

Choosing one vertical market to get your brand out there is great, but it is not enough in today’s world. Sure, printing is still the cornerstone in advertising and marketing, but we suggest that you ‘continue your conversation’ through other channels of marketing such as web and mobile.  But unless you want to pay major bucks to an advertising agency to handle this, it can be a struggle to even know where to start.

Fortunately, Cottrell Printing has a solution.  We can assist and help support your different channels of advertising, and make sure that there is a consistency between all media streams.  We also can add unique call-to-actions on your printed piece that will help in response rate times and the overall sales process.


QR Code


Make It Easier for

Customers to Connect

With You

QR Codes

Be a "Square" and Get More

Out of Your Print


  • QR Code readable from SmartPhone device

  • Guide customers to an online portal with ease

  • Place on any printed piece

  • QR Code creation available

Offer your customers an easy way to derive more information about your business by applying a QR Code on your next print marketing piece.  These square codes allow you to guide a potential client to any mobile website, video link or easily share your contact information directly onto their phone.

Each QR Code is uniquely developed to be readable by any SmartPhone camera through various application platforms.  And with our team to help create and place these codes into your material, you can be confident that Cottrell Printing will help get more out of your print.


Application Suggestions:  There are a lot of them out there.  Most are free and do great.  We suggest going to your SmartPhone Application Storefront on your phone and searching QR Code Reader to find the best fit for you.

Also if you are looking to create a QR code for your printed piece, go to



Marketing Ideas

Add a Promotional Item

with Your Next Printed Piece

to Attract Attention!

Looking for that perfect promotional product to make a lasting impact? Well – welcome to Cottrell Commerce! Explore our arsenal of quality products, or simply search for exactly what you are after, odds are, you will find it here!

We are innovators, problem solvers, and trendsetters who geek-out about branding products correctly.  And with an arsenal of quality promotional products second to none, your days of ‘crossing your fingers’ on what you order blindly online are over.  Our mission is to help you catapult your marketing efforts, resulting in a lasting impact and stronger relationships.  Your mission is to cross-off that task on your list, grab an iced-coffee and enjoy your afternoon.  The power of having your logo and company name on pens, t-shirts, bags and thousands of other great items, is not to be underestimated.  Not only will your brand’s visibility

be dramatically increased, it’ll also help to increase brand loyalty, the chance of future sales, and help your staff to feel motivated, committed and valued.  Simply put, incorporating promotional merchandise and company gifts into your marketing plan will quickly help increase your company’s chances for success.

Having any old branded corporate stock isn’t enough. It’s vital that your promotional products are of the highest quality and with the most professional branding.