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  • Fast and convenient

  • USPS functionality to save on postage

  • No shipping costs

  • List acquisition and clean-up

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to market, but many businesses don’t capitalize on this opportunity because of the complexity of the USPS system.  That is where Cottrell Printing comes in.  Our in-house mailing department works hand-in-hand with the USPS on a daily bases.  This allows us to know exactly what needs to be done, and achieve the best possible service and postage rate available.

We also have the capability to acquire a mailing list to a very specific and targeted market for our clients.  This helps ensure you are getting the best possible rate of responses without wasting time and resources.

Bottom line, you can be confident that utilizing Cottrell Printing for not only your printing needs, but your direct mailing needs as well, will save you time, money and give you the best possible opportunity to reach your target market.


Every Door

Direct Mail and EDDM Retail

What is Every Door

Direct Mail Service?

It's called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Retail and it's a new way to think about marketing your product, service, or idea. Instead of mailing to specific names and addresses, the United States Postal Service's EDDM program allows you to have your mailpieces delivered to individual neighborhoods (by carrier routes).

Standard Mail® flats are the only type of mailpiece that can be used with Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM) Retail, and also are one of the more popular mailpieces used with EDDM entered through Business Mail Entry Units (BMEUs).

When deciding whether flats conform to mailing stan­dards, keep in mind that the length of a flat-size mailpiece is its longest dimension and the height is the dimension perpendicular to its length. The following criteria can be used to determine eligibility of flat-sized mail pieces:

  • Rectangular with four square corners or finished cor­ners that do not exceed a radius of 1/8 inch (see Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) 301.1.1).

  • One of the following: more than 11.5 inches long, more than 6 1/8 inches high, or more than 1/4 inch thick (see DMM 301.1.1). (Note:  If an 8 1/2 x 11 piece is folded in half, the final dimensions would not be a flat-sized piece.)

  • Not more than 15 inches long, 12 inches high, or 3/4 inch thick (see DMM 301.1.1).

  • Orientation of the address does not matter, i.e., whether the address is applied parallel to the long or short side of the piece.  However, the address must be in the top half of the piece (see DMM 302.2.0).


Variable Data 

Printing Services

  • Uniquely design each piece based off data collection

  • Can include lettering, imagery and color variations

  • Proven response rate increase

  • Data collection and help is available

Everyone likes their name.  When people see their name on something, they tend to take more time looking at it.  So do your marketing a favor and put your customer's name directly on the piece.  But you don’t have to stop there; we have the capabilities to offer fully variable technology including variable imagery, variable color preferences, and more.  This allows you to run one campaign, with each piece custom made based off the knowledge you know about that person.

Tailor Your Printing to Each Customer Individually

Variable Data Printing, Centennial, CO

For example, you could be the GM of a sporting goods store and want to send out a postcard.  Based off your company’s records, you know that Suzi is a runner and likes to buy Nike shoes.  You also know that Tim likes golf, and has been in 3 times in the past month to buy golf balls.  Therefore, you could send Suzi a 20% OFF coupon with a runner’s photo wearing Nike shoes, and a 20% off coupon to Tim with an image of someone golfing.  Same campaign, but two different postcards.  See the potential increase in response?

And when you team up with Cottrell Printing for these types of variable data projects, you can be confident that this type of marketing will be done correctly, and with ease.

With our digital presses, we can easily and affordably personalize your printed piece.  Whether you just want to add their name, or you would like to import various variable fields within each piece, we can help.


Shipping Services

We Can Take Care of

All Your Shipping Needs

At Cottrell, we will always assist you in the distribution of your marketing and promotional assets; whether they are headed across the street or around the world.  This includes the relationship benefits we have with UPS and FedEx, local courier services, the USPS and our company delivery vehicles.  Or, you are always welcome to come to our facility, say hello to our team, and pick up any order in person.